I love a good story.

Telling the story is what’s most important to me. I believe I’m best when I’m telling stories about the LGBTAQ+ world and the people in it.

Growing up in a small college town, I was very fortunate to have a father that insisted my siblings and I knew about the world outside, and especially the people that weren’t just like us. I will always be grateful for inheriting that mindset.

Speaking of grateful, I am beyond fortunate to have found someone to share my life and heart. My husband and I have been together for nearly 30 years and I probably couldn’t function without him.

We’ve lived all around the United States, though primarily in and around San Diego, and now make our home in a historic Georgian Revival house in Toledo, Ohio. The Tyler House is one of the anchors of the historic Old West End, the largest collection of surviving late Victorian and Edwardian homes in North America.

Come visit sometime! Especially during our yearly summer Festival or our holiday Tour de Noel when the neighborhood invites visitors into our homes. http://www.toledooldwestend.com/

The Julian and Lily Tyler house, circa 1897
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